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Growth in all codes a healthy sign for club

The past year has seen good growth in senior player numbers across all our sports — squash, tennis and football. It’s a very encouraging sign for the club.

Last year, in the seniors, we had: one squash team, this year three; one tennis team, this year two; one football team, this year two.

It’s also great to see that much of the growth is coming through more women joining the club:

  • Our new football team is a women’s team (some say it’s the club’s first ever women’s team in competition; others say there was one many years ago — if anyone can clarify either way, we’d love to know)
  • One of our new squash teams is a women’s team (the club’s first women’s team in more than 20 years)
  • Our new tennis team is a mixed grade team (men and women).

In fact, tennis could do with more men’s interclub players to help balance out our two mixed teams. Male tennis players, we need you!

It’s awesome to see the enthusiasm and growth for all our sports, and it’s not just the players who keep the club going — our team managers and coaches are vital cogs in the running of the teams and the club. A big thanks to them all for upskilling us, making sure we are all sorted for game day and finding sponsors to help subsidise costs.

Members of our new women’s squash team in 2021 : (l-r) Mahinarangi Hakaraia, Tasha Webby, Kerianna Stirling, Chaka Nikora

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