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Junior club tennis champs 2023

This month, we’re holding the very first Ōtaki Sports Club junior tennis champs of the 21st century!

Here’s the programme:


  • Girls pool 1 and Boys pool 1 = Saturday 25/02 — 5-8pm POSTPONED
  • Girls pool 2 and Boys pool 2 = Sunday 26/02 — 5-8pm COMPLETED
  • Girls pool 1 and Boys pool 1 = Saturday 04/03 — 5-8pmCOMPLETED
  • Doubles pool 2 = Sunday 05/03 — 5-8pm COMPLETED
  • Doubles pool 1 = Saturday — 11/03, 5-8pm
  • Doubles semi-finals and final = to be confirmed
  • Singles semi-finals and finals = to be confirmed


Girls’ singles

Pool 1

  • Pearl
  • Isabella
  • Rona
  • Milly

Pool 2

  • Elsie
  • Daya
  • Jess
  • Ailie

Boys’ singles

Pool 1

  • David
  • Stanley
  • Angus
  • Francisco

Pool 2

  • Sam
  • Xavier
  • Charlie
  • Max


Pool 1

  • Sam / David
  • Daya / Stanley
  • Rona / Milly
  • Angus / Charlie

Pool 2

  • Pearl / Elsie
  • Xavier / Francisco
  • Isabella / Jess


  • First round: Pools are played as roundrobins over one evening. (Each player plays all the other players in their pool.)
    • Each match is first to 7. Tiebreaker at 6-6.
  • Semifinals: the winner of each pool plays the runner-up of the other pool.
    • Each match first to 7. Tiebreaker at 6-6.
  • Finals: the winners of the semifinals meet in the final.
    • Finals are short sets to 4. First to 2 sets. Super tiebreaker at 1 set all.
  • Singles grand final: the winner of the girls plays the winner of the boys.

One point for each roundrobin pool match won. If two players/teams are tied at the end of a roundrobin, the winner of the match between them moves up one position. If players are still tied after that, positions are decided by a countback of least games lost over the roundrobin.

2 thoughts on “Junior club tennis champs 2023”

  1. Ngahuia Woolford

    Junior Tennis Prizegiving 2023 🎾💥

    I just wanted to say we are so so so proud of our nephew Xavier and all that he has achieved in Tennis.

    He has come a long way so quickly & accomplished so much in the 12 years since playing for Ōtaki Sports Club.

    You made your pāpā proud too and I know he was jumping for joy after seeing his moko play out the finals and come out as the winner along with receiving all of the top awards and being named the first ever Junior Tennis Champion 🥇🏆

    Named player of the year, and also named the winner of the boy’s singles & the winner of the singles grand finals and also doubles champion in the Junior Tennis Championships.

    Keep up the hard work Xavier you should be very proud of yourself.

    Love Aunty Ngahuia ❤

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