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New logo to lead us into the future

Kia ora koutou, we are very pleased to announce the club has a stunning new logo.

Many many thanks to Tipi Wehipeihana for his deep knowledge and artistic abilities in leading the toi Māori side of the project and giving the club such a strong visual identity.

The three puhoro in the middle ball represent the three founding sports of the club and the strengths and abilities that we all have in playing our sports.

The black and white and the top green puhoro are the club’s official colours.

The space around the three ball icons at the bottom of the logo gives us heaps of room to add more icons if we take on more sports as a club!

The simplicity of the logo is a big part of its strength and beauty, but doing simple well never means easy and it has taken a long journey to get it completed. We look forward to it representing the club and its members long into the future.

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