Using the ball machine

The club’s ball machine is awesome! If you want to work on your strokes on your own, or with a coach, the ball machine is the answer.

It does need looking after though, and to help keep it free of damage and stop its balls wandering, we have put a few controls in place.

This is not the perfect system by any means and any thoughts on improving it are welcome but in the meantime, here’s how to access the ball machine:

  1. A few hours in advance of wanting to use it, contact Gary — 027 256 0121.
  2. He will have a key for you to pick up.
  3. Unlock the small room inside the equipment room to access the machine.
  4. Return the machine and balls to the room after use.
  5. Always plug the machine in after use to charge it.
    • There’s an extension cord on the floor, already plugged in, and the charger should be on a shelf about waist height to the right of the door.
  6. Lock the room and return the key to Gary.

For any advice on how to use the machine, contact Adam — 027 286 9820.

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