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An update to interclub payments

2022 has been a landmark year for Ōtaki Sports Club in so many ways — our club of the year award, amazing on court/field success in all our codes and heaps of new members. It’s a great time to be part of the best club on the coast!

Our rapidly expanding club and the awesome enthusiasm of our members means though the club is being used in innovative and exciting ways that our financial admin system is having trouble keeping up with!

Specifically our club’s senior fees structure.

Senior fees cover affiliation for just one sport and entry into just one competition in a sport (for tennis and football. Currently there are no interclub competition fees in squash). The remainder of your fee goes to rates, insurance, grounds lease, maintenance and cleaning, power, etc.

We have increasing numbers of members now, though, playing multiple competitions and often in more than one sport.

Each time a member plays an additional sport competitively, the club has to pay their extra affiliation fee (e.g squash and tennis: approx $60; higher for football), and where relevant extra competition fees (e.g tennis: $40-50).

Our current fee structure doesn’t cover that.

To ensure the club can cover costs, as from 2023 we will be communicating with players who play in multiple competitions and/or more than one sport (in competition) to explain the extra fees they will need to pay.

Any questions, please reach out.

2023 looks set to be another awesome year competition-wise for the club and our three codes are working hard to get everything in place for you. Have an awesome summer break and see you back on court and pitch in the new year.

Payment examples

A tennis player plays Saturday interclub and Monday night interclub

  • The player’s annual club sub includes tennis affiliation fees of $60, and one competition fee of $40.
  • The player needs to pay an extra $40 competition fee for the Monday night interclub.

A winter interclub squash player joins a Saturday tennis team in summer

  • The player’s annual club sub includes squash affiliation fees of $60.
  • The player needs to pay tennis affiliation fees of $60 and tennis interclub competition fees of $40.

An interclub tennis player joins a football team

  • The player’s annual club sub includes tennis affiliation fees of $60, and one tennis competition fee of $40.
  • The player needs to pay football affiliation and competition fees.

A football or tennis player joins a squash team

  • The player’s annual club sub includes affiliation and competition fees for their original sport.
  • The player needs to pay squash affiliation fees of $60.

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